Revolutionary new loyalty rewards program for small businesses | Pecoz

Not another rewards program!

We get it. But Pecoz is different, reeeally different...

Pecoz is the last rewards program you will want to join. You're not limited to spending your points where you earn them. You earn points at all the participating retailers you shop at, and spend those points at whichever Pecoz business you like. Just one unified account, and one points balance! Plus you can spend your points on anything you like, just like real money. You're not limited to picking from a set rewards catalogue.

Never fill out another membership form again!

We've been there... You're in a rush, needing to pay and leave, and then you (or the person in front of you) are being asked for all your personal details to add into the store database to join their loyalty program. With Pecoz, you register only once on your smart phone, then just present your Pecoz app to be scanned at the checkout, to collect your points or pay with your points, and you’re done! Pecoz won't even share your personal details with the store, unless you choose to. It's quick and secure.

How else can I earn rewards?

When you give honest and anonymous feedback about your shopping experience by answering just 2 simple questions in your Pecoz app, you help the business owner know where they are doing well, and where they could do a better job. This is valuable info, and in return for your helpful feedback, you get more rewards points.

You can also earn points by reading and rating other people's anonymous feedback, letting us know how helpful you think it will be to the business. You can easily do this whenever you have a few spare seconds and keep adding points to your account balance.

Are there more ways I can earn rewards?

OK, you're keen, we like that! Actually, there are a couple of great ways to keep earning points month after month, practically on auto-pilot... Rather than paying an expensive sales team to introduce people and businesses to Pecoz, we choose to reward our members for telling their friends and their favourite local small businesses about Pecoz.

Those of you who already get the value of Pecoz are the best people to be telling others about it, so we’d rather pay you guys. Imagine introducing ten friends to Pecoz. They get rewarded for their loyalty to their favourite stores, just like you, and each time they spend their Pecoz points, you get rewarded for introducing them to Pecoz, forever!

The same goes for introducing a local Australian business to Pecoz, only the earning potential is much higher. If you were one of the people who referred a business to Pecoz and they become a participating merchant, you will share in a portion of the revenues that Pecoz earns from that business every single month, for as long as they remain active.

Okay, I'm interested...

Membership is by invitation only. Request an invitation and we'll email you when a spot becomes available.