Our Contribution Partners earn revenue share income every month...

Help bring our vision to life, and you'll share in our success every step of the way!

Our grand mission is to revolutionise marketing for local independent small businesses. We're building out a worldwide membership of individuals and businesses, and tracking transactions globally for all our members. All of that takes some hefty server processing power, and lots of hustle to get the word out. Plus, we have a growing roadmap of features we are building out to keep making Pecoz better and better, helping our network of small businesses take their marketing game to the big end of town.

Payouts from day one​

Just as Pecoz is a new way of thinking about marketing for small businesses, we also came up with an innovative way of sharing the rewards of our success. We created a revenue sharing model. Not a profit share, but a revenue share. That means all our partners will see a regular monthly return on their investment from day one, not at some distant point in the future.

We distribute 100% of all revenues every month as follows:

50 %
Contribution Partners
20 %
Member Referrers
20 %
Customer Referrers
10 %
Worthy Causes
  • ​50% to our Contribution Partners for their financial and/or effort contribution
  • 20% to members who referred other members to Pecoz
  • 20% to members who referred new customers to participating businesses
  • 10% to worthy causes (eg: charities and not for profit community groups)

By giving back 100% of our revenues, every one of our contributors is focused on growing the size of the total revenue pool month after month, either by spreading the word about Pecoz to grow the network, or by investing their time or money in fuelling the growth and development of the platform.

We don't just want investors, we want true partners​

We are not looking for typical Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists who want a 3 year IPO exit. We are looking for lifetime partners, in the truest sense of the word. We want people who believe in our cause so much that they want to be part of the journey with us. We want people who can see the global potential of Pecoz to revolutionise small business marketing. We want partners who get not only what Pecoz is today, but also the potential of what it is becoming.

How can you get involved?​

​We are looking for two types of contribution partners: financial contributors, and effort contributors...

Your financial contribution will cover the day to day operational and development costs, as well as the marketing and acquisition costs to fuel the growth of the network. We only accept financial contributions to the value of our projected costs each month, and priority is given to our existing partners to grow their contribution share and thus their revenue share, before inviting new financial contributors.

If you have more spare time than investment money, you can contribute your time and effort in the areas we need help with. This reduces the amount of financial contributions we need each month, but we’ll count the value of your effort contribution just as if you contributed financially. You essentially invest what you would get paid for your effort today as a contribution share, with the potential to receive multiple times what your effort is currently worth, paid regularly each month down the track as the monthly revenues keep multiplying.

How does it work?

​Every month, 50% of all revenues is distributed as contribution rewards to our partners. Half of the contribution rewards are distributed to those who actively contributed that month, while the other half is distributed to everyone who ever contributed. We call these Active Contribution Rewards and Lifetime Contribution Rewards. This is a fair system that recognises not only those who actively contributed that month, but also those who contributed in previous months, because we believe that every contribution will have a lasting effect on the success of Pecoz for a long time to come. Of course, if you continue to contribute each month, you will get a share of each reward pool.

In simple terms, if your contribution in a given month is worth 10% of everyone's total contribution that month, then you'll get 10% of that month's Active Contribution Reward pool.​ If, at the same time, your overall contribution up to that date has been 5% of everyone's total contribution since day one, then you will also get 5% of the that month's Lifetime Contribution Reward pool. That's a total of 15% of that month's total Partner Contribution Rewards, which is 7.5% of that month's total Pecoz Revenues.

As our membership grows, the monthly revenues grow, so even if your percentage starts to shrink over time, your payout will potentially still increase month after month. In other words, even if you get a smaller slice of the pie, that slice can still grow because the whole pie keeps growing.

Don't worry if this sounds complicated. Our automated system keeps track of everyone's contribution and distributes the rewards fairly and accurately each month. Plus, we've got a comprehensive financial model with monthly revenue projections over 10 years​, so we can show you what your contribution rewards can look like every month based on those projections.

Okay, I want in...

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