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Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Pecoz gives local Australian businesses the power to outsmart and outperform their big brand competitors, without investing in additional software or hardware, or paying for expensive IT and Marketing staff.

What is Pecoz?

Pecoz helps local Australian businesses punch above their weight, by giving them access to advanced marketing automation and business intelligence tools. With no contracts, no setup costs and no monthly fee, just a fair "pay only for what you use" marketing platform, Pecoz uses cutting edge mobile and communications technology to reward customers for their purchases and their feedback, Pecoz drives repeat business and new customers to participating businesses automatically.

If you are a small business owner, I'm sure you would agree that finding and keeping ideal customers is a critical part of running your business. However, it's  easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks, and often marketing gets done in bursts, rather than as a sustained effort. Pecoz allows you, the small business owner, to focus on your core business, which is what you do best and enjoy the most, and on giving the best experience to your loyal customers and the new customers we send your way.

​How does it work?

Members download and sign up once to use the Pecoz mobile app, which gives them access to earn and spend points, just like using real money, at a whole network of participating small businesses. Think of Pecoz points like a small business currency. Your business can use the Pecoz points collected from your customers to fuel your automated marketing system, and exchange your excess Pecoz points into real dollars to be deposited into your bank account.

Pecoz runs on iOS and Android, so you can use the phone in your pocket, or a tablet on your counter, whichever you prefer. ​By using equipment you already have, it is super fast and easy to get started and to track your customers' spending habits wherever you run your business.

A uniquely honest customer feedback system that helps you earn more word of mouth recommendations

Pecoz gives reward points to its members for their feedback about specific small businesses by asking two simple but very telling questions:
(a) How likely they are to recommend the business to their friends and colleagues
(b) What's the reason for their willingness to recommend, or, what would the business need to improve to earn their recommendation.

This is not the sort of public review they would normally share on social media; rather it's a private and anonymous feedback to the business on what's working well and what they should improve to drive more word of mouth referrals. Every time we reach 12 anonymous feedback submissions for your business, you will have the option to purchase that batch of feedback before we continue to collect more on your behalf. We also keep track and report on your business's recommendation score over time, so you can see what difference your changes make as you implement the ideas gleaned from your customer feedback.

A more powerful loyalty program than you've seen before

The second business driver is the Pecoz rewards program​. This is not a re-branded loyalty program for each store, this is a unified rewards program for all retailers. Each member has just one points balance, contributed to by a wide range of local  businesses. Customers can use their points at any store that accepts Pecoz as a payment method. That makes the points more valuable, the participation rate higher, and keeps customers more motivated to earn and spend Pecoz points at all the participating businesses. Points are earned based on each customer's total lifetime spend with a particular business. The more they spend at your business over their lifetime, the more points per dollar they earn for each new purchase. You set the spending threshold for each level and the number of points per dollar that you want to reward your customers with, and the system efficiently takes care of the rest.

You don't have to hold up the queue to sign up or look up a customer in your system. Just scan the code on the customer's phone with your phone or tablet. In the near future we will make this even easier by integrating with your favourite POS system to print a unique code on each receipt and let your customers scan that after their purchase.

Reach the right customers automatically with secret offers at just the right time

Another way Pecoz helps local businesses is by sending automated secret offers to their customers. ​Participating businesses can configure certain triggers to automatically send out a special offer to certain customers. For example, you may send an exclusive discount offer to customers who have not purchased anything for a set number of days, to enourage them to come back. Because Pecoz keeps track of every transaction involving Pecoz points, the system will automatically send out the offer to those customers that match the criteria you've set up.

Attract more new customers just like your best customers

Over time, Pecoz will be able to identify common profile characteristics of your business's ​most valuable customers and automatically send out special offers to other Pecoz members matching those same characteristics, who have not shopped at your business before, attracting new customers who are most likely to become more of your most valuable customers. Those members will be glad to receive special offers from a new business that other members similar to them already like, and your business will benefit from targeted and automated customer acquisition. No other in-house membership program is able to do this, but Pecoz can by leveraging the power of the whole network.

What does it cost?

Pecoz uses a performance based model. There are no set up costs or monthly fees. You don’t pay for advertising your offers, or views, or clicks. You don’t even pay us for giving reward points to your customers. You only pay for the points you deposit into your Pecoz account so you can give them to your customers, for as many customer feedback batches that you want to buy, and you pay a small transaction fee when a customer uses their Pecoz points to buy something from you.​ This is similar to credit card merchant fees, but you get a whole lot more business benefit from accepting Pecoz as a form of payment than just the banking convenience.

Earn lifetime rewards for your business too

Your customers aren't the only ones who can earn Pecoz points. Your business can too! Rather than paying an expensive sales team to introduce individuals and businesses to Pecoz, we reward our existing members for introducing someone new.

When you introduce a new individual member to Pecoz, we associate your business account as the referrer of that new individual member's account, and we will give you a 20% referral reward from the merchant fees we charge ​whenever those customers user their Pecoz points to pay for something, regardless of where they use their points! So, even if they pay with their points at any other participating business, you still get a revenue stream for the life of that member for introducing them to Pecoz in the first place. This can add up to a substantial income stream for those who get in early on the action.

Now imagine if one of those members you introduced to Pecoz is also a small business owner and they add their own business account to their membership. In that case, you will also share in 20% of the revenues we collect from that business account every single month!

How do I tap into all this?

Just like our general Pecoz membership, participation in the Pecoz marketing program is by invitation only, as we want to make sure our members have access to the best retailers and small businesses in their area. We use our members' recommendation score from the feedback system to qualify each business we invite to join the loyalty rewards program and automated marketing system.

​We're pleased that you get how Pecoz can help your business, and we'd love to send you more information on this marketing revolution. Send us your name and email in the form below, and let's take it from there.

How will it help my business?

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