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How Feedback works with Pecoz

Customers earn Pecoz points for leaving helpful, peer-reviewed, anonymous, and private feedback for local businesses. Earn additional points for reviewing and rating other people's feedback when you have a spare minute. Spend your Pecoz points like real money at participating businesses.

A revolutionary (and rewarding) new way to voice your opinion​

Have you ever asked to speak to "the manager" because you either loved the experience at a local business or had a problem that could only be dealt with by someone in charge?

Have you ever left a public review on Facebook, TripAdvisor, ​Yelp, or some other social media channel?

​How many times did you shop at a local business and noticed something great or something that could be improved, but you didn't say anything? Maybe you didn't feel comfortable talking to someone, or it wasn't the right time or the right person to talk to.

What if there was a way for you to leave feedback to the business owner​, privately and anonymously, and get paid for it with Pecoz points that you can spend like real money at any participating local businesses? Well, you guessed it! With Pecoz, you can do just that...

​Earn points for leaving feedback

Here's how you can earn points for your helpful feedback...

  • Grab the offer to earn points for your feedback
  • Answer just two quick questions:
    1. Would you recommend the business to your friends or colleagues?
    2. Why, or what could they improve to earn your recommendation?
  • Submit your feedback for peer-review. The Pecoz app will invite 5 other people to rate how helpful they think your feedback will be to the business, without knowing who left the feedback.
  • You will earn up to $1.00 worth of points depending on how helpful your feedback is.

Earn points for reviewing other people's feedback

This is a quick and easy way to accumulate extra points whenever you have a spare minute or two...​

  • In your Pecoz app, grab an offer to earn 10c worth of points for reviewing someone else's feedback.
  • Read the feedback left by someone else, and rate it based on how helpful you think the feedback will be to the business.

You will instantly earn the points for taking the time to review each feedback. Your chances of getting more offers to earn points for reviewing feedback will depend on how your rating compares to other raters and the final rating of the business owner. So, the more accurately you rate each feedback, the more invitations you will get to earn points for rating more feedback.

Okay, I'm interested...

Membership is by invitation only. Request an invitation and we'll email you when a spot becomes available.

How Feedback with Pecoz helps businesses

​Business owners who verify their business listing on Pecoz can get access to read each feedback collected for their business, and track how their recommendation score improves over time as they act on their customer feedback. Here are some key facts for businesses:

  • Pecoz will pay customers for their feedback at any local business, not just those who participate in the Loyalty Rewards program.  Customer can spend their Pecoz points at participating businesses who accept Pecoz as a form of payment. Those businesses can withdraw collected Pecoz points to their bank account or use them to fuel their Pecoz marketing engine.
  • The businesses that gain a great recommendation score will be invited to become Pecoz Loyalty Rewards providers. The Loyalty Rewards program includes a powerful suite of automated customer retention and customer growth tools.
  • Any verified business can purchase customer feedback collected by Pecoz. A business does not need to participate in the Loyalty Rewards program in order to get access to their feedback and recommendation score, they just need to be verified.
  • As a verified business owner, you can cap the amount of feedback you want to receive each month to control your spend. We will automagically stagger the feedback requests to spread your feedback across the month.
  • Pecoz will not disclose any personal information about the customer who leaves the feedback. Their privacy is protected.

How will it help my business?

If you're a business owner or manager, leave your details below and we'll tell you how Pecoz Marketing works...