How to get more rewards in more places using one mobile app | Pecoz

How it works...

Pecoz is designed to make it super easy for customers to get rewards by supporting their local independent retailers and small businesses.

Customers earn and spend Pecoz points using their mobile app at local small businesses, just like real money!

As a customer, you only need to register as a member the first time you sign in to the Pecoz mobile app, and you'll have instant access to earn rebates for your purchases and be rewarded for your private feedback at a growing network of local independent small businesses. You don't need to sign up for each business's loyalty program and you don't need to say your name or email or phone number out loud at the checkout to get rewarded. Just show the code on your Pecoz app to be scanned when you pay. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone without your consent. Rebates and rewards are tracked using Pecoz points, which can be used to pay for purchases at any participating business, like real money.

Local businesses keep and attract more loyal customers

For businesses, Pecoz increases customer loyalty and lifetime value by automatically rewarding each customer based on their total lifetime spend. It also helps businesses grow by gathering and presenting real, actionable, customer feedback focused on driving more word of mouth referrals. As a business owner, you can also send out automated secret offers to your best customers or to encourage more repeat business, without even needing to know who they are and how to reach them. The Pecoz marketing platform does it all for you based on your configured parameters.

Pecoz partners earn a generous revenue share for life

Pecoz distributes 100% of all revenues (yes! revenues, not profits) to its members, businesses, partners, and worthy causes. To our financial partners, and effort contributors, Pecoz shares out 50% of the revenue on a monthly basis, for life.

The "network effect​" keeps making Pecoz better and better

The power of Pecoz grows as the membership grows. The more retailers who offer Pecoz, the easier and faster it gets to earn points and rewards. As more people earn rewards, more of their friends will hear about Pecoz, and will also join. As more members want to spend their points balance, even more retailers will want to join. That's the network effect.

Pecoz rewards members who refer their friends and colleagues, or introduce businesses to the program, ​with a lifetime stream of bonus points. Businesses who sign up new members to the Pecoz program are also rewarded every month from a share of the revenues that Pecoz makes when those members spend their points, regardless of where they spend them. All this is designed to fuel the network growth so that everyone benefits!

Okay, I'm interested...

Membership is by invitation only. Request an invitation and we'll email you when a spot becomes available.