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Pecoz is so much more...

Pecoz is a small enterprise with a big vision! Our mission is to ignite a global marketing revolution that empowers small businesses to outsmart and outperform their big brand competitors.

Pecoz started as an idea for a coffee ordering mobile app in 2013, but we soon realised that making the transaction easier was just a small part of a much bigger opportunity. Helping customers find and connect with local small businesses, and helping businesses find and keep more loyal customers is so much more valuable. The big brands recognise this and they invest heavily in loyalty programs and other customer acquisition and retention initiatives. But what about the local small businesses? How can they keep up with all that competition and innovation?

Both of our founders own and run small businesses, so we know the challenge of marketing the business while trying to run the day to day. Over many iterations in the last few years, we developed the suite of marketing automation solutions that any small business can plug into, and we have so much more planned for the future. We believe in giving the local small businesses a fighting chance in this new digital marketing era.

Our innovative "contribution economy" business model, that Pecoz is pioneering, allows us to keep the core team small and agile. By forming partnerships with others who have the skills and resources we don’t have, we can all share in the ongoing success of Pecoz.

The founders:

Jeff ServaasCo-Founder & CEO

Jeff owns and operates two small businesses, and brings 12 years of experience in wholesale and retail channels.

Charles runs an IT consultancy business, and contributes his solution architecture expertise to drive the Pecoz technology strategy.

Charles PappCo-Founder & CTO